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Waves launches Client Beta version for Desktop

Waves, a digital assets platform, released its Client Beta desktop version on 2nd February. The Beta version is available for Linux and MacOS, Windows will soon to follow.

The platform helps in managing digital assets, including buying, trading, and storing, all in a secured and easy manner. The development team has been working with the app for six weeks to clean out any glitches. This new app will enable users to withdraw different cryptocurrencies, and make their own P2P tokens, on desktop or online.

Waves was founded in 2016 by a Physicist Alexander Ivanov, and made as an open-source to run on a blockchain. It has customising functionality that is written init score software and cryptocurrency wallet. This allows users to trade their own P2P tokens, and transaction fees is paid in WAVES token.

Waves uses trusted gateways that uses fiat currencies, and allows transaction on their platform using digital currencies.




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