Walmart may soon use Ripple tech for instant transaction

As tweeted by Moneygram on their official handle, Walmart is pairing up with Moneygram to launch Walmart2World. It will officially power the new money transfer service.


Moneygram tweeted from their official handle as well as published a blog on April 3, 2018. The blog clarified their partnership with Walmart US that will allow customers to send money from the store in the US to any MoneyGram location in 200 countries. Furthermore, both the companies also renewed their long-term agreement.

Furthermore, Alex Holmes, CEO of Moneygram said that:

We are extremely pleased to once again renew our agreement with Walmart. For nearly two decades, MoneyGram and Walmart have successfully worked together to offer convenient and affordable financial services to our customers.The launch of this new product, along with the many other innovative initiatives MoneyGram and Walmart have built together reflects our shared commitment to offer our customers high-quality financial services they can depend on at a great value.

Also, customers can still use Moneygram at their local store to transfer money to friends and family in the US.

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Will Walmart use Ripple tech?

However, Moneygram maintained a neutral stance when questioned whether they will be using Ripple technology in their system. They neither accepted nor denied the involvement of Ripple tech. A twitter handle named Killian De Bruyne also asked if they will be using Xrapid tech.

Moneygram twitter

Moneygram twitter

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We’ll have to see now whether Walmart US starts using XRapid tech as well. That will certainly be a good news for Ripple tech and its team. It will join the long list of companies that have partnered with Ripple tech for faster transactions.

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