US Lawmakers resort to Blockchain Solution for fighting Fungal Disease

In an effort to combat infectious fungal diseases which are prevailing in abundance, a bunch of US lawmakers have laid a proposition to create a Blockchain pilot. They aim to sue Blockchain Solution in order to improvise the tools through which the medical practitioners can share information across the nation and save lives.

Blockchain Solution

According to the FORWARD Act, this concept will be utilized to fasten up the speed of the data which currently is at a slow pace. This, in turn, will help the doctors and practitioners to be handy with enhanced types of equipment that would be required at the time of handling potentially life-or-death situations involving infectious diseases.

Congressional Valley Fever Task Force is the one who initiated the proposed legislation. Kevin McCarthy and David Schweikert as well as Reps. Martha McSally, Karen Bass and Kyrsten Sinema who are the Co–Chairmans of the task force introduced the said legislation to the government. The bipartisan bill is designed to advance investigations and treatments for coccidioidomycosis.

David Schweikert, one of the Chairpersons of the task force said in a statement:

“Our design for collecting critical clinical data, while protecting patient privacy through the use of blockchain, should become the future of medical research.”

Valley Fever

Coccidioidomycosis, usually identified as “Valley Fever” is a very dangerous and one among other endemic fungal diseases. Valley fever is a lung infection. It can be caused by a fungus living in the soil. Approximately 10,000 cases of valley fever are reported in the US each year. Most of them originate from California and Arizona claims the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.




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