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Top 5 penny coins that every crypto investor must know

In cryptomarket, one can find cryptocurrencies ranging from 10,000 USD to fraction of cents. Many people are aware of the big coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Today we are going to learn about Penny coins.

What is Penny Coin?

In simple terms, Penny coins are coins that cost less than a dollar. That is one can buy it in pennies (cents). Penny coins, if invested properly, can give huge gains. One can invest in Penny coins for long terms as well as short term. To make a profit, one has to do some background research on that particular and decide whether to invest in it for long term or short term. One simple and easiest way of figuring that out is by researching about the use case and dev team behind that coin.

So, without wasting any more time let’s see which the top 5 Penny coins are.

Special Mention:

Stellar (XLM), Cardano (ADA) and Ripple (XRP) are three coins that costs below 1 USD. However, these coins have been in the market for long-term and have seen their price go beyond 1 dollar many times. Also, it has to be noted that these are among the top 10 ranked coins on Coinmarketcap, which indicated their popularity. So, we’ll exclude these coins from this list.

  1. Kin


The first entrant on this list of penny coins is a very underrated and undervalued coin named Kin. Kin is supported by a Chinese chatting app company named Kik. The thing about Kik is that it is already very much popular in the Chinese market. This gives them a wider reach over many other companies. And they are trying to build an eco-system where people coming up with new innovations and codes will be rewarded with Kin.

You can know more about Kin here.

  1. Golem


The next entrant on this list a coin called Golem. Golem, like other big cryptocurrencies, has been in the market for a really long time. It first arrived on the cryptocurrency market in November 2016. With the main use case of bringing supercomputers to the normal crowd around the globe, Golem has a strong motivation behind the coin. If they execute their plans very well then Golem can surely rise in the short as well as the long-term market.

You can learn more about this coin here.

  1. Qash


Another cryptocurrency with a good scope of gain is Qash. This cryptocurrency is backed by the company Quoine. This company has three products namely Qryptos, Quoine, and Quoinex. The developers’ team backing the system are very efficient. This project, if executed properly can be a good long-term investment. The main motive of this project is building a complete financial ecosystem for the Crypto economy.

You can learn more about their project here

  1. Electroneum


The next cryptocurrency on our list is Electroneum. Electroneum is again a relatively unknown coin which intends to build itself in the cryptocurrency market using mining technology. The company intends to provide mobile users easy access to mine cryptocurrencies. It is one of a kind project with a good use case.

Click here to know more about Electroneum.

  1. Cashaa


And last but the most underrated coin that we have in our bag is Cashaa. This can be proven by the fact that it is ranked 320 on Coinmarketcap. But the reason we feel this coin can help you make fortunes is because of its strong developer’s team. The team backing this company is a diversified bunch of experts who are into cryptocurrencies and finance for some time now. This currency has a good scope of gaining major profits in upcoming times.

Click here to know more about Cashaa.

Keep an eye on this thread. We will be posting more about penny coins every week on Tuesday.


Images: Kin, Golem, Qash, Electroneum, and Cashaa

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