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Tippr Bot Distributes Over $100K in Bitcoin Cash

Tippr bot has distributed thousands of BCH tips over Reddit and Twitter. The bot has tipped more than 75 BCH since app launch.

Tipper Bot is an online Twitter and Reddit bot which tips users across twitter and reddit with BCH. Every Tuesday patrons on Reddit celebrate Tipping Tuesday where lots of tips are sent to fans on Reddit.

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When people are tipping funds on Reddit they use a platform called Tippr a tipping bot that can send BCH transactions by command and the app is also used on Twitter.

Stats of Tippr Bot:
  • More than $100,000 worth of Bitcoin Cash
  • Tippr in Reddit: 34,227 BCH tips to over 15,000 unique users.

The Reddit users u/asicshack ($7,582), u/jarenfeser ($5,390), u/grant-meaccess ($4,649) u/mobitcoinsmoproblems ($3,735), and u/cryptorebel ($3,370) are the top five tippers today.


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