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Thai Government Approves another Crypto Exchange

The Thai Securities and Exchange Commission has approved another crypto exchange to operate legally in Thailand. The Thai Government is also considering to create their own wallet in order to confiscate cryptos from illegal sources.

There are total six exchanges that have been granted approval from Thai Government to operate in the country. SouthEast Asia Digital Exchange Co LTD has become the sixth legal crypto exchange in Thailand. Last month the regulator approves seven crypto firms in which five where crypto exchange.

Government’s own crypto wallet

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To combat crypto-related crime that is on the rise, the Thai government’s Anti-Money Laundering Office (Amlo) is considering maintaining its own cryptocurrency wallet. Mr. Witthaya Neetitham, Secretary of Amlo, said at a seminar on cryptocurrency crime and the legal system that officials are discussing how to obtain and safeguard a wallet for Amlo “to hold or confiscate digital currency from illegal sources.”


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