Telegram Users can be useful Metric for cryptocurrencies

Telegram has been an idle playground for crypto players. Everyone came to Telegram after Slack communities became too difficult to handle. Most of the crypto traders and enthusiasts are on Twitter, where followers can be bought, and hardly any on Facebook. This unidirectional crowd then gathered on Telegram and from there this app has hit new heights.

There were days of researching about new coins, tokens, or ICOs, and this was done by handful of crypto traders. Mpw everyone wants to catch the next Stellar, Ripple, or Iota. The game has changed, now no one buys a coin at ICO stage, but at the pre-sale stage. Everyone wants to get into the whitelist.

This hussle has made Telegram communities so famous. It helps investors to gauge the ICOs are gathering most momentum. ICO Whitelists have set up a tracker to see which crypto projects receive more followers in 24 hours. Most ICOs use Telegram to interact with the communities and it can measure the strength of ICO community by knowing how big these crypto communities are.




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