System Fund to simplify the cryptocurrency trading

For any cryptocurrency newbie, the trading and understanding this volatile market becomes a task to understand. Some technical knowledge is required to open, navigate, and trade on cryptocurrency trade account, one small mistake and your currency is lost forever.

System Fund is made to remove the digital distress and path by offering a stable cryptocurrency and ICO investment fund. The team behind the fund is made of experts from mutual funds with 30 years of experience. CEO Andre Levin has worked in classic fund for years like Franklin Templeton Investments, Baillie Gifford, and Credit Suisse. Unlike usual method of charging a set percentage per portfolio annually, System Fund charges based on performance, which means they earn only if their clients do.

The fund is uniquely designed. When not in trade the cryptocurrencies will be as fiats to prevent risks from highly volatile market. The entire will be completely transparent and the shareholders will be self-certified on a daily basis to track the progress. Shareholders can also vote for director of SYMM and also, take decisions such as portfolio dedicated to ICO investment. When the fund makes profit the dividend will be paid to investors in ETH. Profits are calculated by subtracting the fund worth at the end of the last month and fund worth at the beginning of the current month. Less management fees is applicable, or no management less if no profit is earned.




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