Steam game “Abstractism” accused of crypto jacking

“Abstractism” an Indie game on Steam has become the recent talk of the town. There are many allegations against it for turning computers into cryptocurrency miners.


According to YouTuber SidAlpha, the game is actually a crypto jacker delivering software posing as a “trivial platformer”.

Several tech experts are adamant that the game is mining cryptocurrency on the Steam Community forums while chatting whereas on the other hand, developer Okalo Union is refuting all such accusations and in turn, blaming the CPU usage. He claimed that

“None of the cryptocurrencies is mined by Abstractism. Chances are high that an individual is playing on high graphics settings. The settings consume a bit of CPU space and GPU power which is generally required for post-processing effects rendering,”

According to SidAlpha, A trojan virus gets installed immediately after the game is downloaded. The virus is hidden under a stream.exeprocess. This can allow remote execution access to an infected PC and malware under the name of “abstractism launcher”. Which seems like it is being used to install illicit cryptocurrency miners.

A screenshot was posted by SidAlpha of an older comment by the developer that was since deleted which noted:

“Bitcoin is outdated. Abstractism is the single route to mine only Monero coins.”

This means the developer initially admitted to mining Monero cryptocurrency using users’ CPU.

Uncertain future

With all such negativity around and the fear of cyptojacking damaging the computer, one should avoid “Abstractism” game for the time being.

How did the bug fool Steam’s developers and entered into the app is a question mark in itself. However, it was previously said by Valve that “it is now an open season for developers to plonk whatever they like onto Steam. The only condition is that the content should be legal and non-trolling.



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