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A Startup to make in-game digital currencies exchangeable on multiple platform

A startup company, The Tap Project, is going to introduce an innovation cryptocurrency called Tap Coin. it is utility coin that can be exchangeable across multiple platforms. Tap Coin can make the gamers earn for playing the game, they can make their wallet, and monetize this digital currency.

The startup announced partnering up with Juega Studios, international game developers located in Bengaluru, India. Juega Studios is a leading technology and design studio focusing on game development, AR/VR, art development, IoT, and many more., Theri partnership includes Disney, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros Artix Entertainment, including games like Hobbit: Battle of Five armies, hello Kitty Orchard, to name a few.

Co-founder of Tap Project, Haniff Knight, says,

“This is a great partnership for the Tap Project, it opens up the door for wonderful possibilities to integrate the tap coin into games and is a great step forward in disrupting the gaming industry utilizing Blockchain technology,”

The 1.1 bln gamers spend hours playing their games and earn their virtual currencies just to have them stuck in the virtual world. The Tap Project breaks down this barrier and decentralize all in-game currencies that can be traded, transferred, and exchanged into globally accepted currencies and cryptocurrencies.

The Tap Project started its crowdfunding in December 2017 and by the end of this on 20th January 2018, The Tap Project rewards users with Proof of Stakes will get daily bonus of about 0.25% if they are holding 250,000 TTT.




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