South Korean Crypto Exchange drops five crypto currencies

Korbit, a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange will no longer support trading of these cryptocurrencies. Dash, Monero, zcash, Augur and Steem cryptocurrencies will no longer tradable at Korbit platform.

Korbit’s statement on discontinuing crypto:

We will bid farewell to the Other Digital Assets service through a gradual termination of the buy and sell functions for the following coins,the affected coins are dash (DASH), monero (XMR), zcash (ZEC), augur (REP), and steem (STEEM).

The buy functionality of these cryptocurrencies will be terminated after 15:00 on 05/28/2018 and the sell functionality will be terminated after 15:00 on 06/21/2018.

The exchange is also thinking to relist few cryptos again later in future by elaborating:

We strive to facilitate secure trades of more cryptocurrencies, but we have yet to determine the date for resumption of trades of the affected coins. We thus advise you to protect your interests by either selling or withdrawing the said cryptocurrencies.


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