Sky Mining CEO Exit Scams with $35 Million in Investor Funds.

Lê Minh Tâm, CEO, Sky Mining has allegedly vanished with about $35 million worth investor fund. Although no strong evidence is present against the CEO, the company’s investors feel he has run off with the money. Tâm has been unreachable on call for the past 1 week.

The CryptoLoot

Approximately 20 investors of the Vietnam-based crypto mining firm realized that few people pretending to be maintenance workers had approximately removed 600 mining machines. They quickly reported the matter to the local police in the PhúNhuận District. The company officials were surprised to see that someone had removed the company’s central office branding and shut down. As per the investors, Lê Minh Tâm who is the company’s CEO had escaped with the stolen funds as he is unreachable for 7 days. In an interview with a local media, company’s deputy chairman Le Minh Hieu said that it is probable that Tâm had escaped after stealing the mining rigs along with the funds. Showing his innocence in this case, he said,“[The board] has reported this to the police and showed evidence that we are not guilty. We are victims, too.”

The response of Sky Mining CEO

Completely changing the set of events, Tâm posted a video on Telegram showing that he is under medical treatment and will soon return the investors funds. He said,

“You will have your money, thank you for your cooperation, I did not run or go anywhere, I will come back soon.”

The app store of Sky Mining claims to have more than a thousand machines operating constantly due to which, investors earn a profit by renting mining rigs. Sky mining also claimed to be the biggest cryptocurrency mining company in Vietnam at the events hosted in Hanoi and HCMC where it planned on attracting the investors.


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