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Sidechains needs to be known out there

We have heard about Proofs of Work, but never thought of having Proofs of Proofs of Work?

Well, this complex notion of “Non-interactive Proofs of Proofs of Work” or NiPoPoW was released in October, but went unnoticed. This new sidechain technology is heralded to break through one of the major roadblocks.

This technology can be used for more than one context, and it pegs other blockchains to bitcoin, which some call as vaporware due to its obstacles, but others refer to it as ‘altcoin killer’.

Sidechains are here to solve a vexing problem – adding features to bitcoins can be dangerous as it is $230 billion value now, and if anything goes sideways can be disastrous. So, instead of adding new features to the blockchain, sidechains allows developers to add new features to a different chain. As the chains are still attached to the bitcoin blockchain. The features can work along the cryptocurrency’s network effects and test those applications, without causing any harm to the main network.


Sidechains are going to unmine things that are not reachable right now. Read here to know more about them.


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