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Ripple donates $29 Million XRP to DonorsChoose

As reported on their official blog, Ripple and its Executives have donated a sum of $29 Million XRP to They have donated the funding in order to support America’s Public Schools.

Donation to DonorsChoose

According to their blog on the official website, Ripple and its executive team are giving back to America’s teachers with a $29 million dollar donation in XRP. Through the organization, teachers across the US will be able to create classroom projects that support student’s needs. Moreover, donors are able to give projects that inspire them. Ripple team said that every person starts his career in the classroom. And so, it is necessary to have a better experience at the root level of learning and understanding.

Every Rippler, from the executive team to our newest hires, started their careers in one place — the classroom. It’s in this pivotal setting that children’s dreams are forged and legacies begin.

Moreover, Ripple team also asked its viewers to support their cause. Also, they asked their viewers support their campaign by using BestSchoolDay hashtag.

You can join us by contributing to the new projects that teachers are already creating on We’re proud to be working with to nurture the next generation of leaders at public schools across America.

DonorsChoose classroom

DonorsChoose classroom

Social media presence

Also, Stephen Colbert joined the list of social media giants to talk about cryptocurrencies. On his TV program, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, he announced about Ripple’s campaign in a short video.

Consequently, Stephan Colbert joined the list of talk show hosts along with John Olliver and Ellen Degeneres, to have talked about cryptocurrencies.

In conclusion, cryptocurrency companies participating in donations and giving back to the society is definitely a good sign for cryptocurrencies.


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