Reddit to reinstate Crypto payments

Reddit seems to be planning to reinstate digital asset soon after they removed BTC (Bitcoin Core) as a type of payment for premium membership service this past March.

In an interview Reddit CTO ( Chief Technology Officer), Chris Slowe revealed that Reddit will be adding BTC again along with other crypto payments.

Past March the company removed BTC payments due to Coinbase change and then only Paypal was accepted.

During the interview company’s CTO says that the BTC was dropped past month due to network transaction fees being too large.

CTO also said that:

Like I remember when way back in the day maybe eight years ago when someone in the office found r/bitcoin, and I wondered what is a bitcoin? And why would I want to spend seven cents on one? It’s gotten a lot further along since then and the community and now every cryptocurrency in existence has a community on Reddit right now.


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