Pantera Capital records more than 10,000 percent lifetime return

Since its inception 5 years ago, Pantera Capital has scaled heights in the market. The company broke further records on Friday as Pantera Capital accounted for a lifetime return of more than 10,000 percent.

Pantera expressing gratitude

CEO and co-chief investment officers Dan Morehead and Joey Krug sent a personal email to all the subscriber of Pantera Captial. The email expressed gratitude to the subscribers for trusting them and celebrating the fund’s fifth anniversary. They also highlighted the fact that in the fifth year the lifetime return of the fund is 10,136.15% net of fees and expenses.

It also read about Pantera’s past success and future plans. The officers brought it to the notice of the subscribers that the company has also launched its own hedge fund to invest in blockchain startups. The company plans to travel across the US to discuss Venture Fund III and the blockchain disruption. They feel proud that Pantera Capital was the first one to be billed as the investment fund.

Early Prediction

The letter also had attachments of two emails that Pantera Capital sent out in 2013. As per that email, the firm had forecasted some bullish rise of bitcoin to $5000 at the time saying that ‘bitcoin dominates cash, electronic fiat money, gold, bearer bonds, large stone discs, etc. It can do all of the things that each of those can. It’s the first global currency since gold. It’s the first borderless payment system ever.’ That time, Bitcoin was trading at just $104. They also claimed that Bitcoin is the not only the first global currency since gold but also the first borderless payment system ever.


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