raise $1.5m to educate masses about cryptocurrency

Crypto-focused based social network is all set for revamp. This social network is working to educate masses about cryptocurrencies and use it in their daily lives. The Series A funding procured 1.5m with the help of Bitmain and Nchain. is brainchild of Ryan X Charles, and it one of the most successful website to have adopted bitcoin cash since the decentralised currency was launched last summer. The site has since been working upwards as the enthusiastic community cherishes the ability to earn reward and monetise.

Bitcoin core had problem with making micro-transactions. But, Bitcoin cash has been able to walk past that. CEO Ryan X Charles stated,

“Anyone anywhere can start earning money for the things they love to do. The potential to change the way social media works and to improve the quality of content on the internet is enormous.”

Teh site makes one of the best use cases for using bitcoin cash. This week Kucoin exchange launched bitcoin cash trading pairs, allowing users to trade KCS, ACT, XAS, DAT, DENT, and UTK using BCH.  This proves that BCH is more than just a store of value.




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