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Okex Introduces Stricter KYC Rules

Okex, a Hong Kong-based Cryptocurrency exchange is now enforcing strict KYC rules. The daily withdrawal limits will now depend on the KYC level of the customer.

Users using Okex now have to pass mandatory KYC verification to withdraw funds from the wallet. Okex will also introduce new withdrawal limits and will depend upon the level of identification of each customer. Every customer will have their own level of KYC verification. Each level will have a different limit of withdrawal. Customers should have at least Level 1 of KYC verification to withdraw digital assets from Okex.

If a customer provides passport data to the Okex, the data will be enough for a daily limit of 2 BTC. KYC level of 2 and 3 will come with a 24-hour withdrawal limit of 100 BTC, these level of customers need to provide address information with uploading copies of documents proving your residence and identity.

Unverified users won’t be able to withdraw coins from Okex unless they verify their identity.


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