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Now make donations in Cryptocurrencies to Church

A church in Australia has issued a notification that it will now accept cryptocurrencies as a part of donations. In a surprising move, The Living Hope church in Australia has posted this news on their official blog.

Living Hope Church, Australia

Living Hope Church is a foundation that provides Christians all across the world a place to pray. One of the churches located in New South Wales, Australia has said it in their official blog, that they will now accept cryptocurrencies. According to the official website, the church will use this donation in cryptocurrencies to help the poor. Furthermore, the church has said that they will accept the donations in Bitcoin as well as Ethereum. They also posted their respective public addresses on the official website. In addition, they also said that they are working to bring Request Network later in 2018. Earlier, the church had also accepted donations electronically into their various accounts, depending on the purpose of the donation.

According to the website, a majority of their weekly funding goes into General accounting which is the day to day maintenance of the church. The major purpose this church work on is to help the poor in the Philippines and to assist the poor locals in the neighbouring area.

Adaption of Cryptocurrencies

On one hand, various governments and major spokesperson are bashing cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, major companies and organizations are accepting cryptocurrencies for faster transactions. Especially countries like Australia, Switzerland, Malta and Venezuela has shown tremendous support to the adaption of cryptocurrencies. Major companies like Moneygram and Banks like Santander UK have experimented with blockchain adaption.

This has been somewhat surprising and amusing adoption of cryptocurrency technology that is to get donations. But nevertheless, it shows people’s acceptance in the cryptocurrency system.
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