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Now Australians can soon pay their bills with 50-100 cryptocurrencies

Cointree has jointly announced a partnership with bill payment company Gobill on August 20, 2018. This partnership will allow Australians to pay their bills using 50-100 cryptocurrencies.

The partnership will allow customers to use any coins in their Cointree accounts to pay their bills regardless of whether the billers accept cryptocurrency. In an announcement:

The global alliance between the two companies will allow users from both platforms to pay household bills using their crypto coins stored in Cointree’s wallet.  bills issued from any Australian provider can be paid through its system, including utilities, telecommunications, council rates, and insurance.

The integration of the service with crypto payments will be completed in approximately one month. Till now members can pay their bills with just BTC using Cointree platform.

The integration will allow users to pay their bills using more than 50-100 cryptocurrencies. Currently lists 27 cryptocurrencies on its website: ADA, AE, AION, BCH, BTC, DASH, DGD, ES, ETC, ETH, ICX, IOST, LTC, NEO, OMG, ONT, PPT, QTUM, REP, SNT, TRX, VEN, XEM, XRM, XRP, ZL, ZRX.

In the next update more 10 cryptocurrencies will be added for the customer for bill payments, this update includes the following coins: ZEC, LSK, BTG, DCR, SC, STEEM, GNT, DGB, BAT, and KMD.


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