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Now attach BCH transactions to pictures using Pixel Wallet App

Pixel Wallet is a wallet which allows users to attach transactions to pictures. BCH users can send BCH transactions in a steganography manner which hides funds in plain sight! Several BCH customers are giving a try on this feature of Pixel Wallet.

Instructions for sending BCH over the world using pictures:

1. Open Pixel Wallet.
2. If you have an image with funds in it click Load Image.
3. If you don’t have an image with funds and want to load tour wallet click copy address and send Bitcoin Cash to your wallet address.
4. Once you have funds and want to send go back to main screen and press send.
5. Once you have pressed send the camera will open and you can either take a selfie or a picture or load an image from your gallery. Please use PNG images from your gallery.
6. Once your image is selected the amount will open up please select how much Bitcoin Cash you want to send.
7. After you select the amount please enter a password it will confirm it twice to make sure it’s the same password.
8. Once you hit send after your password is chosen the program will open up a place to send please select an application that doesn’t resize the image.
9. Share the photo with someone and enjoy!

If you are a BCH user and want to try something new, we recommend you to give a try and its safe. Download the application from here

Source: PlayStore

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