NeuFund is Disrupting Traditional VC Funding through Tokenized Equity

NeuFund is on its way for creating the world’s first decentralized stock exchange along with Binance and Malta Stock Exchange. It plans on making the traditional Venture Capital (VC) funding smooth and short. It will also ensure that the company founders could easily connect with the investors.


Neufund has its roots in Berlin and it is an Ethereum based protocol for security tokenization and issuance. One can do liquidation and tokenisation of all types of financial assets using it. CEO and co-founder of Neufund Zoe Adamovicz said that she is well aware how difficult it is to search and close investments. An experienced entrepreneur and angel investor, Adamovicz thus planned on co-founding Neufund with CTO, Marcin Rudolf. Furthermore, their aim was to permit startups and small and medium-sized businesses along with established companies to issue the concept of asset ownership, legally. Moreover, the platform gives organizations a technical and legal framework for conducting completely legal and safe equity token offerings (ETOs) under the German jurisdiction.

The Next Big Thing

Talking about this decision, Adamovicz said,

“We are a team of regulatory and blockchain experts, on a mission to change the way projects are funded. Our ultimate goal is to open creativity for good. We want to empower people all around the world, making it possible for them to pursue their projects and dreams.”

Brille24, Uniti, Next Big Thing, mySwoop and Emflux motors will be the first six companies conducting their ETOs with Neufund. Furthermore, equity tokens that serve as equity instruments empower the people with limiting investing capital to use fractional ownership as the mean of investing, as per Neufund. Adamovicz said,

“We aim to bring access to [an] international community of investors gathered around Binance, and thanks to MSE all trades will be secured with proper licenses.”

Several finance experts and economists are expecting the market equity to reach $1 trillion by 2020. In that case, this partnership will enable companies to trade their equities on the world’s biggest crypto-exchange. Adamovicz further said that ‘liquidity is one of the major values of equity tokens versus traditional investment assets.’


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