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Netcoins enabling bitcoin cash (BCH) for immediate access purchase

Netcoins is an OTC brokerage and Virtual ATM software company. The company has announced that they are enabling bitcoin cash for Immediate access purchase. The company is covering Canada, Europe, and Australia that’s 21,000 locations across the following countries

Netcoins CEO Mark Binns. announced that:

Adding BCH brings us to have 6 of the top 7 coins available via Netcoins. With just EOS left among the top 7 coins, we are giving investors a compelling reason to use the Netcoins network for all their crypto needs, whether via OTC or via our strong retail network

According to

For BCH, itโ€™s another adoption score, one in a string this year. Netcoins services 21,000 retail locations throughout Canada, Europe, and Australia. In its announcement the company promised immediate access to purchase BCH through its OTC Private Brokerage Services.


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