Mount Sinai hospital to explore Blockchain technology.

The Icahn School of Medicine, a New-York Based medical school, founded by Mount Sinai hospital is all set to initiate a project that will focus on blockchain implementation in medicine. The new research centre based on blockchain applications will function to improve the healthcare industry of China.

Project by Mount Sinai

The ambitious project titled the Center for Biomedical Blockchain Research will be created inside the school’s Institute for Next Generation Healthcare. The plan is to create a prototype of the technology for medical use and then put it for clinical trials. After that, the machine will analyse the trial results and will make decisions accordingly regarding the complete integration of blockchain.

The main focus will be to predict and avoid impending health issues in a prospective patient using electronic signals and monitoring devices. An amalgamation of 144 companies is working together with the Mount Sinai team. And these companies have reportedly raised nearly 670 million dollars for the project.

The blockchain is a data-mining technology used in cryptocurrency to keep a track of the transactions and update the database accordingly. In medicine, one can keep a track of the patients’ health record, give a full body diagnosis using past cases and create a perfect prescription for using AI.

This will create an impartial treatment system and increase the efficiency of treatment rendered, this is the future and Mount Sinai medical school is paving the path.


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