More than 2000 Developers ready to work on Crypto Projects

In a recent study by Belong has revealed that 5000 Indian software developers have crypto and blockchain project skills. In India, there are 2 million software developers and about 0.25% of them have crypto and blockchain project skills.

According to Times of India via

The company found that only 5,000 of them have the necessary combination of skills such as “data science, algorithms and cryptography” to be qualified to work with cryptocurrencies or blockchains.

Rishabh Kaul, Co-founder of Belong shared his views on this recent study:

India does have the potential to train another 10,000 developers” with prior experience in the fintech industry so that they are equipped with the proper skill sets to work on cryptocurrency projects. Another 30,000 software developers who have worked “in back-end tech roles” still “require extensive training and upskilling” before they have the proper skill sets to work as blockchain experts on crypto projects.

People or developers who want to contribute to Blockchain or Bitcoin technologies they have to improve their skills in data science, algorithms, and cryptography.


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