Bitcoin Cash powered Memo and Blockpress rolled out new features

Bitcoin Cash social media application, Memo, and Block press have rolled out new updates on their respective platforms. Users can now upload pictures, video and much more.

Here is a list of new features included in Memo platform:

Last month reported that Memo is adding additional features like replies, text emojis, and typing counter. There were more than 3000 transactions in one day over Memo when ‘reply’ feature was introduced to the social media platform.


This feature helps people where they can discuss specific topics on Memo, for example, users can discuss topics like latest news, specific subjects, etc.

Images and Videos – NEW FEATURE

Memo users can now upload a picture they like and can upload youtube video via a link or custom upload.

Torrent – NEW FEATURE 

Memo will now allow accessing uncensored Pirate Bay to its users.

Features included in Blockpress:

A twitter like UI platform is also a BCH powered social media.

Blockpress developer added the ability to add images to posts, a notification feed, community topics, and a sidebar of your followed profiles.


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