Localbitcoincash.org updates website with new features

Localbitcoincash.org has revamped its site with new features. Few features like direct crypto to crypto exchange and shopping category.

The site now allows users to use an escrow service where buyers and sellers can trade bitcoin cash in a peer to peer fashion. This feature was launched for beta users in the month of October in 2017.

The website has now different colors than before. The colors are green and black in contrast. The website now helps users by showing step by step detailing on how to use LBC.

LBC’s Crypto to Crypto Exchange operates just like Shapeshift but without fees. Also now users can easily send BCH to someone using Peer to Peer Escrow Shopping.

LBC’s Representative quoted that:

All these additions fit with our objective of allowing anyone to earn a living online, especially people from failed states and corrupt countries. In many of these places, citizens had to suffer from the consequences of the failed government for many decades — Our hope is that with Bitcoin Cash, this will change and help lift someone up from poverty into economic freedom and equality.

Source: news.bitcoin.com

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