Lisk Core beta code finally tagged!

Oliver Beddows, Vice President at LiskHQ official announced on his twitter handle that Github has now tagged Lisk Core beta.0.

Official Announcement of Lisk

The Vice President of LiskHQ tweeted from his official twitter handle about this news.

Earlier, Lisk had released six internal releases. This is the first time that they managed to tag Lisk Core 1.0.0-beta.0 on Github. Furthermore, he also said that the official developers’ team can now work on open beta. Their official team has planned about the open beta for quite some time now. Also, releasing open beta will be a major boost for the cryptocurrency. As we all know LSK is an open source network that is slowly trying to replace Ethereum blockchain.

Its Effect on market

lisk chart

lisk chart

This news can certainly provide a good boost to the price of the cryptocurrency. Considering the given trend of bear run and slow trading for the market, such good news are always welcome. However, one has to see the effect this news can have on the international market. Will Lisk’s price see a good splurge resulting from this news? It can surely give a little push, however, the major price change will depend on people’s acceptance of this news.

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