Korean Exchanges Hire workers from Banks

After the South Korean government announced stronger security regulations for cryptocurrencies and the surging demand of them in the market, the need for additional manpower has led to hiring spree in Korean crypto exchanges

Jeon Soo-yong, CEO of Bithumb, said that they are creating more jobs for young people and expanding their operations. Bithumb already has 400 employees and they are heading towards hiring 400 more, with 100 working working for operations and 300 working in their call centres.

Other exchanges have also released the news of multiplying their employee force and get in run with the government’s stronger security regulations.

The accelerated growth in demand for Korean cryptocurrency has fueled the demand for manpower  The crypto exchanges are hiring existing financial resources from traditional banks and brokerage firms. Existing financial personnel have applied for this job. This job is unlike any bank jobs and seems more lucrative than usual.

Unlike traditional companies, the employees here will have more freedom and flexibility, informal work environment, and better working hours. There will be other employment perks that is only suppose to make this job more wishful.


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