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Here are the Alternatives to Shapeshift

After Shapeshift move to membership program and fully verified model, users all over the world has sparked a wave of protest against the company. Now users are considering an alternative to Shapeshift.

Here are four alternatives to Shapeshift:

Changelly: (Website)

Changelly now has the chance to establish itself as the market leader for cryptocurrency changers. It offers dozens of cryptos including bitcoin cash, ripple, doge, and neo. An email address is required to use the service, but for those who desire their privacy, encrypted email providers like Tutanota are always an option. (Website) has wasted no time in capitalizing on Shapeshift’s demise – or rebrand, rather, since Erik Voorhees’ company isn’t going away: it’s simply transforming into a service that its users didn’t ask or wish for. offers 26 cryptocurrencies including BTC (but no BCH), dash, and LTC, as well as a handful of extremely obscure altcoins.

Changenow: (Website)

Changenow resembles Changelly, but seems to ask less questions, and has been operating smoothly since late last year. A wide range of popular cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin cash and monero, is covered, as well as a handful of less popular ones such as pepecoin. There is no need to register to use the platform or to supply an email address.

Coinswitch: (Website)

With over 300 cryptocurrencies covered, Coinswitch boasts an enviable array of digital assets. However, the service is built upon existing platforms including Shapeshift and Hitbtc, and seems to draw most of its trades from Changelly. While its range of altcoins can’t be faulted, Coinswitch would benefit from providing greater clarity on the information it requires from its users.


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