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Handcash enables Bitcoin Cash NFC Transactions

Handcash has enabled NFC transaction in their wallet. The feature is still in beta stage of the app. The latest beta app is available for everyone to download and experiment the feature.

In a blog post by Handcash:

Hey guys!

Finally it’s here! We just released the BETA for HandCash, our Bitcoin Cash wallet app. Our focus is on the ease of use, so some of the main features are:

  • NFC Payments: seriously, you gotta try this out with someone. It’s so cool to do a BCH transaction with anyone in a couple of seconds without having to ask for an address. It’s effectively just like handing cash! (hence the name)
  • $cashtags: We created a system for using usernames instead of addresses. The cool thing is that cashtags are not linked to any address in particular, but to your phone id. So when you send cash to $user, our systems asks the wallet to create a new address for every new transaction. Really cool!
  • One-tap wallet backup / recover: One of the most annoying things when using proper wallets (not Bitcoin banks) is having to store all your keys, take note of a dozen words… we’ve simplified this to the extreme: we create an encrypted backup file of your wallet that stores both your wallet info and your rights to a $cashtag on your Google Drive, using the google account you already are loged in on your phone. If you change your phone, you can recover your wallet on the first screen once you reinstall HandCash again. It’s so easy!

NOTES FOR THE BETA: – Before we go mainnet for all wallets, we want to make sure it works well with all kinds of devices first. It shouldn’t take long before you can use it for any BCH transaction. – Now it works only on TestNet, so you cannot transfer from or to any mainnet (real-world) wallet yet. You will receive though a few BCH from our $handcashbot once you set up your wallet. – The backup file created on your Google Drive for the BETA is not encrypted, for some testing reasons. It will be encrypted on the 1.0 version. – PIN code protection is not yet enabled, as we are looking for the right balance between convenience and annoyance. It may be tested during the BETA, kind of an A-B test to see what works best. – Cashaddress format is ready for main net (once we go out of BETA) so don’t worry about that.

Download the app from here

Source: Reddit

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