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Game Machine to evolve gaming industry

One startup is here to change the face of gaming industry, Game Machine. The gaming industry is reportedly has 2.3 billion gamers across the globe and 55,000 new titles in 2017. This is set to expand with advancement in technology like smartphones and OSs. Millenials are indulging in games more than the last generation ever did.

Game Machine Plan

The Game Machine was launched 2 months ago, and now already has registered 60,000 users. By involving gamers, developers, and investors the company is aiming to build a transparent ecosystem over blockchain technology to help its gamers.

This idea will enable gamers to mine cryptocurrencies that can used for upgrades, buying tools and upgrades, and trading within the ecosystem. The mining app is already developed for Android and Windows, whereas iOS app is scheduled to be launched later this year.

An app for the developers is also underway that will help them to develop and promote their titles without paying high commissions. Even the investors can take advantage of the transparency and make safe investments in gaming projects.

Investment and ICO

Game Machine unites this triumvirate with its blockchain based platform to ensure mutual benefits to all the parties. GMiT will be used for investment in the project and GMC is the temporary currency for the Game Machine clients. GMiT token will be exchanged for GameFuel, in-game cryptocurrency that will power the whole platform.

The team has already invested $60,000 of their own funds, and $120,000 from the early investors. Early token sale has already summed up to $1.5 million that will end on 31st January.

The Game Machine platform is fully functional with gamer already mining cryptocurrency.

Blockchain is changing the way business, investments, trade, and purchases worked.




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