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Free Keene launched a new website called

Free Keene launched a new website that makes cryptocurrency tips from BCH and dash. The service provides printable cryptocurrency tips.

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The new application called did a small soft launch in public beta earlier in the year with just dash integration and now the site is live with bitcoin cash as the default option when creating new tips.

The crypto card tips by can be redeemed by anyone. Users can create tip of any USD value. International users can make tips in GBP, EUR, RUB, JPY and other national currency. After adding desired crypto funds, users can add refund address and proceed to print them out.

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Recipients visit a unique URL on their tip and they will be given instructions on how to use the cryptocurrency so they can download a wallet to redeem the funds they received. Further the tip card creators can add an expiration to the tip and if it goes unclaimed the funds will be sent back.


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