France brings Cryptocurrency ‘Mission Leader’

Every week comes a news for regulation for cryptocurrencies, and this week France announced to bring a ‘Mission Leader’. A group will be created for “digital currencies mission” that will work towards regulating cryptocurrencies. For the group the Mission Leader was appointed, former deputy governor of Bank of France, Jeanne-Pierre Landau.

Last spring it became evident that French politicians and regulators might favour cryptocurrencies as Left -leaning president of France Emmanuel macron was elected and he published a photograph posing with Ledger hardware wallet.

On asking about former deputy governor’s role as Mission Leader, President Emmanuel Macron said,

“Jean-Pierre Landau’s mission will be responsible for proposing guidelines on the evolution of regulations and to better control development and prevent their use for the purpose of tax evasion, money laundering or for financing criminal activities and terrorism.”

Jeanne-Pierre Landau is quite a scandalous pick for being a leader for a group that is for regulating cryptocurrency. He has posted an opinionated article in 2014 in which he compared cryptocurrencies with tulip mania that took place decades ago.

France has active bitcoin community who might not like this choice of leader. This nation is home to La Maison du Bitcoin (The BItcoin House), the company’s Ledger Wallet’s headquarter, also a plaza called Le Cercle du BItcoin (Bitcoin Boulevard).




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