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Fake ‘Charlie Lee’ Twitter accounts announce LTC giveaways

Charlie Lee has been shining on twitter this week now, rather Cherlie Lees have been too active on Twitter this week. Multiple imposter have been posing as Litecoin (LTC) creator and promoting LTC fake giveaways.

It is easier to get caught in the net as  most of the imposters are using almost same account name as real Charlie Lee, @SatoshiLite, such as @SatoshiLitez and @SatoshiLitee_, whose Twitter profile smatches with real Charlie Lee. The only difference between the scammers is the number of LTC they are offering in fake giveaway.

Then, there are lazy scammers who tweeted giveaways and forgot to upgrade their profile.

Following this whole hullabaloo, real Charlie Lee posted warnings from his account, which can be seen here.

These scammers are blocking Charlie Lee so that he cannot see any of theri more scams.

The whole scam seems legit after Charlie Lee’s December 2017 announcement that he sold all his LTC and donated the amount he earned. However, since Lee doesn’t hold any more LTC, so the giveaway is just a moot celebration.




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