Ethereum touches the four figure mark

Ethereum, for the first time, has the reached four digit mark during the morning session in Asia. With Bitcoin lazing a bit, other altcoins have boosted the investment, and Ethereum has led the way. The total market of cryptocurrency in the start of 2018 has jumped to $150 billion in just five days.

Ethereum is the most established cryptocurrency in the market and it is believed to be future of the is used a payment system for decentralized applications, and consequently most used by new investors.

ETH had a good 2017, in January is was $10 and by end of December it was $750, which is 7400% rise, more than BTC’s 1600% rise

According to Coinmarketcap, ETH recorded highest rise uptil now of $1,045 before slumping back a little. This rise records 38% increase this week whereas 130% in just last one month.

Many of the ICOs use Ethereum as their platform, and it is one of the reasons was such price hike. With BItcoin slowing in transaction and charging more over transaction, many traders are switching to Ethereum to participate in ICOs.

The Managing Director of Crypto Asset management, Tim Enneking said that Ethereum is still relatively undervalued even though it’s recent progress.

With a year in our hands, Ethereum can make it or break it, hoping for something that breaks every platform.




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