Encoded Messages revealed by Blockchair Feed in BCH, BTC and ETH Blockchains

Blockchair, a Blockchain exploration service has revealed a new analytics tool called as ‘Blockchair Feed’ which decodes the messages encoded in BCH, BTC and ETH blockchain networks. The results of encoded messages can be viewed in real time feed type that ranges from the banal to the enigmatic.

According to news.bitcoin.com:

Blockchair Feed provides a fascinating and occasionally bizarre glimpse into the conversations that people are having, sometimes with specific people, and sometimes with the world at large, via their favorite blockchain. Most of the messages that can be viewed in the feed come from the BCH network. That’s largely thanks to the success of micro-blogging social networks such as Memo and Blockpress. Each of these capitalizes on the low fees of bitcoin cash, making it practical to message other users via the OP_Return field. Thanks to the recent upgrade to the BCH network, the size of this field has increased, giving rise to even more possibilities for onchain communication.

Source: news.bitcoin.com

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