Ellen talks about cryptocurrency on her show

In her recent tweet, Ellen has expressed her opinion about cryptocurrencies. In the tweet, she neither supported nor opposed the use of cryptocurrencies. Using her comedic talent to describe bitcoin, she said that she’s ‘down with bitcoin’. She used her ability to communicate with masses to explain how she turned into a fan of bitcoin.  While bitcoin already has attracted millions of users, Ellen has the ability to tap into an entirely new audience.

Popularity of Bitcoin

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have already spread like a wildfire, but with Ellen’s tweet, it has amassed a whole a new audience. Trading in cryptocurrency has been a hot topic for the past few months. With its mention in every major countries’ budget and its discussion in World Economic Forum, it has gained enough popularity. Ellen’s tweet has further cemented bitcoin’s position into the mainstream audience. Her tweet with the video (below) received nearly half-a-million views so far:

which is still small compared to her nearly 77 million followers on the social media platform.

Economics Ellen

Ellen tried to bring a larger audience into bitcoin and its concept by explaining bitcoin in her comic language. In her opening monologue, she asked her audience if anyone ever heard about bitcoin. And she received a huge uproar from the audience on this question. She then challenged the audience about their knowledge and said that she has done her research on the topic. Furthermore, she went onto explain about bitcoin in her own humorous manner and cheerfully accused the crowd as liars. In the video she said:

“Nobody knows how it works, nobody. Everybody’s talking about bitcoin; nobody understands it,” she said, likening the top digital coin to watching a movie but having no idea what’s going on. “All I know is that bitcoin is either worth $20,000 or nothing,”

She said that back when in her high school days, she was called as Economics Ellen. Saying this, she went on to explain what she understood of Bitcoin. She said, “Pretend bitcoin’s an adorable goat that you want to pet but can’t. It’s not there. It doesn’t exist except for on the internet, just like bitcoin is digital currency. Keep bitcoin in a digital purse, aka a mobile-wallet-fueled digital wallet or small hard drive. Bitcoin operates like the stock market, and its value can go from $10,000 to $20,000 just like that. ” 

She finally concluded by saying “If you invest in bitcoin, you’ll either be a millionaire or you’ll be totally broke”. Ellen didn’t endorse any upcoming ICOs or give her viewers any investment advice.


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