Cryptocurrency is a bubble; but which one?

There are sources saying that cryptocurrency is a bubble, but then we have had two of those in 1900s and both are variably different from each other.

The one was dotcom bubble and other was housing bubble. US saw both coming, and it affected the whole globe. But right now, which one are we waiting for?

The last debt bubble for housing market in 2000s left financial crisis for years down the road, whereas the tech bubble left infrastructure in its rise.

The last great debt bubble gace $700 billion bail outs and 2,000 pages of legislation in U.S. alone. The last tech bubble funded the roll out of fibre-optics cable network and research into 3G mobiles. It infused development of smartphones, big data analytics, cloud computing, algorithm search, social media, etc.

So, what kind of bubble is cryptocurrency?


Read an article here written by expert who explains the laying foundation and fears of cryptocurrency


Whichever bubble cryptocurrency be, it will be another learning lesson either ways.


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