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Co-founder of Crowdfire, to launch WazirX

Nischal Shetty, co-founder of Crowdfire is set to launch a new Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange called WazirX. The company also launches their own coin called WRX, which will be available for users in the trading platform in the future.

WazirX comes with new features for users here are some:

  • Best in class security
  • Fast KYC processes that take just hours instead of days
  • Lightning fast transaction speeds
  • Simple and intuitive dashboards and interface design
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS devices

Co-founder in his blog post:

When dealing with other people’s money, transparency is the best way forward. People trust us with their money, we need to provide them with clear information on what’s happening behind the scenes, why something’s not working right, what features we’re building, what fees we charge them etc. It’s also our responsibility to inform users prior to making changes that affect them.

He also said that:

WazirX is the start of a brand new journey for us. Wazir is the queen piece in chess. It’s the strongest piece and can play any move. With WazirX, we want to provide you with the mostpowerful piece of cryptocurrency trading software you deserve!

Source: WazirX Blog

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