Charlie Lee appointed as an advisor for HTC Exodus

The creator of Litecoin and popular crypto expert, Charlie Lee announced on Sunday that the HTC’s new smartphone will support blockchain technology.

Charlie Lee as an advisor

Lee announced that he would be joining the development team of the much-awaited upcoming HTC Exodus as an advisor. Initially, Lee announced that he attended a meeting with HTC’s team of advisors a few days ago.

Consequently, he claimed that Exodus will natively support Lightning Network on litecoin following the tweet. A disclaimer added by him said that bitcoin will also be supported by Exodus.

Furthermore, this news was confirmed on Monday as HTC said that the team quoted Neil Armstrong’s famous moon landing dialogue and said they were “honoured” to have an advisor as Lee.

HTC Exodus

With the intention of developing the world’s first cryptocurrency smartphone, the tech giant first announced Exodus in May 2018. The smartphone will serve as a storage device for cryptocurrencies while also being a mobile connecting point to blockchain networks. However, declining to give a firm date, Chief Crypto officer of HTC Phil Chen told that the company hopes to distribute the smartphone to the public by the end of 2018. He further said that the people interested in early purchasing of Exodus could participate with bitcoin or ether in a pre-sale. In July 2018, it was mentioned by the company that the smartphone will also be supporting the mobile app CryptoKitties. Furthermore, in an ICO to build the “Finney”, Sirin Labs has recently raised $157 million to join the race.


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