Buda.com has launched in Argentina

Buda.com has started operations in Argentina. The company started its operation on May 28. The company’s main motive is to promote purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies.

Buda.com is currently operational in Peru, Colombia, and Chile. The company has 80,000 Clients. Pablo Chavez, GM of Buda.com quoted that:

Cryptocurrencies can have a positive effect on the functioning of the Argentine financial industry and, particularly, on giving access and lowering the uncertainty of users and how they interact economically on the Internet. It is a relevant market not only for obvious reasons, such as its size, but also because it has a large community around cryptocurrencies… Argentina has the potential to become our most important market in the course of a year.

Buda.com will allow users to trade bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and ether currencies. The exchange will soon add litecoin. Later the exchange will allow users to sell and buy cryptocurrencies in Argentine Pesos.

Source: news.bitcoin.com

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