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Bloom launched by Bibox amidst China crackdown

Chinese digital asset exchange, Bibox, announced the addition of new cryptocurrency to their platform, called Bloom (BLT).Two hours later they were offering open deposits and withdrawals on Bloom tokens, with 50,000 BLT as give-away incentives.

Cryptocurrency addition amidst crackdown

Bibox is completing 10 years in this industry, but in light the current crackdown Chinese government is handing to the citizens, this seems risky. The government has declared its citizens to steer clear of cryptocurrencies in near future.

Bibox surges

Its ICO ended in October 2017 with a total issued token of 500 million. Though not all were sold, the initial circulation quantity was 271,520,349 BIX. The website started trading in November 2017 with trading pairs BIX/BTC and BIX/ETH, and later added TNB.

Addition of new digital asset in middle of ban on cryptocurrency in China is either a gutsy move or a daredevilry play.




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