‘Bitcoin’ game is a card game on Kickstarter

Brandon and Sam, these two investors created a tabletop card game that replicates cryptocurrency and it’s investing called ‘Bitcoin’. This game allows people to experience the crypto investment.

The Game Play (from news.bitcoin.com):

Basically, players are dealt a hand of five cards each and players draw cards in sequence to find out if the market goes up or down, or maybe even collapse. Alongside cards that move the market, there are also other action cards like the ‘Reverse the Market’ card which changes the direction of the current market trend. There’s also the ‘Cash Out’ card which can enable a player to cash out and cause the next player to pick up the remaining cards. Moreover, each deck of Bitcon cards has three ‘Pop’ cards — a card that serves as market collapse warning and when the last card is used the bitcoin market crashes and the game ends.

Statement from the creators of this game:

If you like fast-paced strategy games, laugh at people that sold their house to buy bitcoin, or simply want to show grandma how to lose all your cash online

Source: news.bitcoin.com

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