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Bitcoin ATM’s targeted by Malware for Sale

Bitcoin ATM’s that was Malware attacked is now being sold in underground markets. For $25,000, malware exploiting a service vulnerability allows users to nab bitcoin price equivalent in euros, USD, or British pounds.

Fernando Mercês, Senior Threat Researcher at Trend Micro explained:

Unlike regular ATMs, there is no single set of verification or security standards for Bitcoin ATMs. For example, instead of requiring an ATM, credit, or debit card for transactions, a Bitcoin ATM involves the use of mobile numbers and ID cards for user identity verification. The user then has to input a wallet address or scan its QR codeThe wallets used to store digital currencies are not standardized either and are often downloaded from app stores, posing another security problem

Crypto coins are bought through NFC, Euro Pay and Visa/Mastercard pre-written cards are sold to malware purchasers.


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