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Bitpay allows BCH and BTC for tax payments

Bitpay has announced a formal agreement with Florida’s Seminole County Tax Collector. Now residents can pay Tax payments using crypto. The residents can also pay in crypto for the driver license, ID Cards, and other tax.

Joel Greenberg, Seminole Country Tax Collector explained:

We live in a world where technology has made access to services on demand, with same-day delivery and the expectation of highly efficient customer service and we should expect the same from our government. The aim of my tenure in office is to make our customer experience faster, smarter, and more efficient, and to bring government services from the 18th century into the 21st century and one way is the addition of cryptocurrency to our payment options.

Bitpay has engaged their first government agency to accept bitcoin and bitcoin cash as citizen tax and for other payments related to government.


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