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50 Cent makes millions from hodling Bitcoins

Rapper 50 cents released his album “Animal Ambition” in 2014 and accepted bitcoins as mode of payment. At $5.50 a copy which was equivalent to 0.0088 BTC in 2014. The “money genius” made up to 700 BTC that was worth around $400,000 that time.

Curtis “50 cents” Jackson made a lot of money being the first adopter and early believer in Bitcoin. Hodling the cryptocurrency for 4 years and then reaping its profit up to $7 mln.

The rapper is reported to have kept the digital asset locked and away for 4 years until 2018. During that time the cryptocurrency has grown ample and almost even touched $20,000 mark.

Since overall market is declining, this can be a wrong to sell it off, he could have sat it off, if he could afford it.




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